UPS 9/12V

The UPS 9/12V ensures that Acronym's devices keep working in case of power failure. As its name implies, it is a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that ensures the devices operation for some time when the power fails.

The time that the UPS can keep a device working depends on many factors:

  • - Device consumption;
  • - Existing power on the batteries;
  • - Existence of energy saving mode in the devices.

The UPS must be connected between the equipament's original power source and the equipment itself. When the power source is working, this provides energy that is used simultaneously to charge the UPS batteries and to supply the equipment. In case of power failure, the UPS comes into action giving a fixed voltage (8 or 11 volts) and variable current depending on what is requested by the device.


UPS 9/12V
  • - Operation signalization LED;
  • - Dimensions: 45 mm x 96 mm x 30 mm;
  • - Input: 9V to 30V;
  • - Output: available in the 9 and 12V versions;
  • - Output current: 2A;
  • - 2 lithium batteries;
  • - Smart charge system;
  • - Automatic shutdown;
  • - Weight: 100 g;
  • - Controlled by micro-controller.