Time Schedules Android App

Time Schedules

Time Schedules is an application especially designed for those who wish to have full control over their working hours. The application makes use of daily plans defined in Time Report to show your work schedule for each day of the current month, previous month and next month, allowing you to be always aware of your work hours.

After the correct communication configuration with Time Report Web, the employee may access the list of their daily schedules and view, in detail, his work graphic, with the respective captions.

Time Schedules also offers the possibility to choose the date to display specific work schedules.

When first installed, the application has some data for the user to experience it in "demo". To make full use of the application, the user needs to set up a connection to Time Report Web and register it in Time Report, since it is a licensed application.

  • Schedules
  • Menu
  • Daily Plan
  • Settings

Time Schedules Features:

  • - Simple and intuitive design;
  • - Communication with Time Report Web;
  • - Access only for employees;
  • - Ability to view the work schedules defined in Time Report;
  • - The times are shown for each day of the current month, previous month and next month;
  • - Allows viewing of the work chart with corresponding captions to each period of work, stop, extra or compensation;
  • - Compatible with all Android devices from version 4.1.1.