RD Bio 2

RD Bio 2

The RD Bio 2 is a access validator with online operation. Once connected by cable or a wireless connection to a controller, this reader validates access authorizing or blocking the people passage.

This module/reader can be controlled online by these products:

These modules have a RJ45 connector to connect, by cable, with the controller. Through the same cable flows, in addition to the energy, the communication, which are provided by the controller.

The RD Bio 2 is capable of validating fingerprints previously registered in the module or in the controller and only these fingerprints can trigger the internal relay and open the door.

In the module you can connect:

  • - Communication/power cables;
  • - Electromagnetic locks;
  • - Latches;
  • - Emergency button;
  • - Internal violation sensor;
  • - Continuous current up to 32V;
  • - UPS 9V.

The access is validated/authorized by the controller, which can be installed in a safe place. Even though this module is at a considerable distance from the controller, the access validation is shown extremely fast by the bi-colored LED and by the sound emitted by the RD Bio 2.

This RD Bio 2 is a built-in/embed installation version. Another version of this device, with identical functionalities, is also available in a external version, differing only in terms of design and ease of installation.


  • - World-renowned biometric sensor with a capacity up to 1900 fingerprints;
  • - Internal beetle - the module signals operations performed with audible warnings;
  • - Low power consumption;
  • - Mechanical relay for connection to latches or door locks;
  • - Micro USB port for firmware upgrade;
  • - High strength and durability;
  • - High tolerance power supply - 9 to 32 V DC;
  • - Photo-coupled input;
  • - Open door sensor input;
  • - Dedicated communication protocol over RS485;
  • - Green and red LEDs;
  • - RJ45 connector for connection and data communication up to 500m;
  • - Internal 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz (Mifare) RFID reader (optional);
  • - Built-in/embed switch box mounting;
  • - Relay quick-connect connector and open door sensor;
  • - Wireless comunication (optional);
  • - Compatible with Acronym terminals;
  • - Dimensions (outside the wall): 88 mm x 85 mm x 8 mm;
  • - Dimensions (inside the wall): 53 mm x 53 mm x 54 mm.