FaceH 01

FaceH 01

The FaceH 01 features two high quality cameras that allow you to identify and validate the face of your employees quickly and safely.

This terminal adopts a deep learning algorithm, which helps to recognize the face faster with higher accuracy. It also has a built-in Mifare cards reader.

Since it uses two high quality (HD) cameras it can avoid possible face validation frauds.

The FaceH 01 communicates over TCP/IP, allowing it to communicate over long distances and connect multiple terminals on the same network and is fully integrated with Time Report software.

It is undoubtedly a versatile, compact and highly reliable solution for time control or even access control.


  • - Face recognition identification;
  • - Forced mask wearing alert (optional);
  • - 4.3" LCD touch screen;
  • - Capacity to register up to 3000 faces and up to 3000 cards;
  • - Capture distance for facial recognition: 0.3m to 1.5m;
  • - Facial recognition system with two HD cameras (avoids validation fraud);
  • - Fast face validation (less than 1 second);
  • - Reliable face validation even in low light environments;
  • - Connection for electric locks opening or exit button;
  • - Wave sound and human voice that informs the user about the state of the operations;
  • - Events logging in the terminal itself (capacity for 150.000 registers);
  • - Communicates over TCP/IP;
  • - Stylish and ergonomic design;
  • - Operating voltage: 12V DC;
  • - Dimensions: 172.5 x 83.2 x 22.7 mm;
  • - Wiegand output;
  • - RJ45 port;
  • - RS485 port;
  • - Autonomous or PC controlled operation through Time Report 5 or higher versions;
  • - Compatible and configurable through Time Report 5 or higher versions.